Frequently Asked  Questions about Niagara Photo Booth

 Is your Niagara Photo Booth enclosed and only fits two people?

Our setup is completely open, not enclosed so no one can see. We prefer this type of photo booth so your guests are seeing all of the fun action; and the hype will draw crowds and add to the excitement of your event. It also helps us fit up to 10 people in the scene this way, bringing more people together to share in the experience.

Our setups include a backdrop with professional studio lights, a professional DSLR camera with professional lenses, and on-site printer, along with a photographer to take the pictures. From our experience, we have found that having a person working the booth and counting off/pressing the camera button is better. The photographer can give fun ideas and make sure everyone’s in the frame, and more importantly our equipment is more reliable and less likely to fail when handled by a professional.

How does your photo booth work?

Step 1: Pick some funky props and step into the booth area

Step 2: Follow the prompts from the event photographer

Step 3: Strike some crazy poses

Step 4: Grab your printed photo strips in a speedy 45 seconds

When is the booth set-up?

We set the booth up in advance of your event so everything is ready to go for the time you have designated us to start - usually up to one hour prior to the event

How many hours should I book for my event?

Depending on the size of your event, they can be successful with as little as two hours of service; however, with larger events, we recommend longer times so we can service everyone in attendance. Keep in mind if you don't book enough time and it goes longer than your agreed upon time in your rental agreement, each additional hour will be charged as extra and must be paid the same day of your event.

What backdrops are available for the Photo booth?

We provide different backdrop options: Our preference is the silver glitter backdrop- it offers a clean look and reflects well with the lighting, enhancing the pictures. We also have gold and raspberry.   

Please note: As we are using a versatile drape system, we are able to hang any drapery that you would like to provide, including custom designs.

Do you do outdoor events?   Yes, as long as there is power available (within 30 feet) and the weather is good!

When do I need to book your service?

It's always best to have your reservation request placed well before the actual date of your event as most of our photo booths (picture booths) are usually reserved months (sometimes a year) in advance. As you can imagine, our schedule is limited and fills very quickly.With a little planning, chances are you'll get the date you want before someone else does!

Is Niagara Photo Booth wedding entertainment?  Absolutely! It’s ideal for ANY event where you want people to have fun!

Can we use our film strips for gifts or favors?

We can help turn photos into a memorable gift for your guests to take home at the end of your event. Each picture strip has space available for customization. We employ a professional graphic designer who will design a personalized event banner that will be printed on the bottom, so each photo booth picture can become the ultimate party favor.

Can I pay in installments?

You can. A  50% deposit is required at the time of booking, and the balance is due 30 days prior to the event date. However, you are welcome to pay the balance in installments provided the last payment is made 30 days prior to the event. Please note, the deposit is non refundable in the event of cancellation.

What type of Events do you do?

We serve the following events:

Wedding receptions      Bachelor / Bachelorette parties

Corporate events          Holiday parties

Non-profit events         Charitable fund-raisers

School proms                 Event Photographer

Family/class reunions    Retirement parties

Anniversary parties       Graduation parties

Birthday parties            Sweet 16 celebrations